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Request for Proposals: Information Technology Services
This is an abbreviated RFP. For a full description of the project and expectations, click the download button at the bottom of this post.

To Whom It May Concern:

Wabanaki Health and Wellness / Wabanaki Public Health is seeking multiple bid quotes for supplying the following information technology services as follows:

The following list details the scope of services Wabanaki Health and Wellness is requesting from all bidders.

  1. Assessment of the existing infrastructure in a new location;
  2. Analysis of technological needs of Wabanaki Public Health
  3. Assessment of necessary upgrades to existing infrastructure and improvements to create a well-functioning, reliable infrastructure;
  4. Design of a new system/network to meet our technology needs at an affordable price; determine upgrades and/or suggestions for replacement of existing workstations and servers; recommended software;
  5. Plan the implementation of the new system, including conversion of legacy data systems and information and the training of Wabanaki Public Health staff;
  6. Purchase/installation of the new system at the new location;
  7. Provide written documentation on the new system;
  8. User training in the operation of the system day-to-day operations.

Wabanaki Public health will employ the improved infrastructure to more effectively support the programs offered through our locations. In order to meet that goal, the technology infrastructure will need to be sound, stable, and well-maintained. The technology infrastructure shall include hardware, software, and other equipment and/or wiring that would be part of the recommended plan for Wabanaki Public Health.

Wabanaki Public Health requires a Contractor with demonstrated dedication to responding to industry standards, innovation, and demonstrated reliability to customer support and training. The Contractor shall also be fully insured as per the requirement of the property owner.

Wabanaki Public Health reserves the right to amend the contract resulting from this RFP for necessary time constraints and the availability of approved funding.

Wabanaki Public Health and the Contractor will agree upon a contract payment schedule based on the successful implementation of the stated objectives. Wabanaki Public Health and the selected Contractor may negotiate the final description of the work tasks and deliverables within the scope of what is advertised here, for inclusion in the resulting contract. The contract established with the person or company selected as a result of this RFP will provide for purchase all the needed hardware, writing, software licenses, software maintenance, and other services proposed.

All proposals are requested to be sent to Hernan Eyzaguirre by September 25, 2020 by 5:00 PM.

Initial meetings with WHW/WPH will need to begin the week of October 12th.

Proposals will be reviewed and scored based on the following criteria:

  1. Cover Sheet – available as a download in the full RFP below (5 Points)
  2. Contractor Support (55 Points)
  3. Experience of Key Personnel (15 points)
  4. Fee Schedule (25 points)

Wabanaki Public Health will select a Contractor based on being able to pick and choose from the pricing and series alternatives as proposed.

Wabanaki Public Health reserves the right to negotiate services and prices.


Hernan Ezyaguirre
Wabanaki Public Health
Grants and Contracts Specialist
157 Park Street, Suite 26
Bangor, Maine 04401


Justin Whittington
IT Analyst
phone: (207) 951-6081

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Information Technology
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Date posted
September 17, 2020
Valid through
September 25, 2020
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Position: Request for Proposals: Information Technology Services

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