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World No Tobacco Day is May 31

Every year on May 31, the World Health Organization and partners around the globe mark World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health and additional risks associated with unhealthy tobacco use, and advocating for effective policies to reduce such use.

The theme for World No Tobacco Day 2018 is “Tobacco Breaks Hearts.”

This theme emphasizes the link between tobacco and heart and other cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including stroke, which combined are the world’s leading causes of death; and encourages feasible actions and measures that key audiences, including governments and the public, can take to reduce the risks to heart health posed by tobacco.

The benefits of quitting include:

  • Living longer and healthier
  • Having healthier family members and friends
  • Putting one’s life in balance

Wabanaki Public Health encourages you to keep tobacco sacred. A previous newsletter highlighted this issue; see the March 2017 issue of the Wabanaki Public Health newsletter, page 7.