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Join us in marking National Public Health Week

Wabanaki Public Health is proud to be part of the public health community. We celebrate National Public Health Week each year during the first week of April.

Americans are living 20 years longer than their grandparents’ generation, largely thanks to the work of public health. Yet people in other high-income countries live longer and suffer fewer health issues than we do. This is the defining challenge of our generation — a challenge that we, the public health community, are uniquely positioned to help overcome.

To ensure everyone has a chance at a long and healthy life, we must also tackle the underlying causes of poor health and disease risk. Those causes are rooted in how and where we live, learn, work and play. That’s why, during National Public Health Week, Generation Public Health is rallying around a goal of making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation — by 2030.

In April, we will create a new groundswell of support for the changes that must be made within our health system to realize this goal.

Visit the American Public Health website to see tools and tips related to National Public Health Week.

Source: American Public Health Association.